Drip Irrigation Saves Water: With an auto stop meter, a specific amount of water can be delivered to a specific spot (root area) during the night hours when evaporation rates are low. Towards the end of the day the meter can be set to deliver a pre-determined amount of water and then automatically shut off relieving the gardener from having to manually time, measure and shut off the irrigation later in the evening. Evaporation is effected by wind, temperature, humidity, and sunlight. Watering at night with temperatures relatively lower and sunlight non-existent can save 20% to 50% more water than overhead daylight watering. This savings translates into cost savings.

Drip Irrigation Reduces Disease Pressure: Wet leaves on warm nights create conditions favorable to certain leaf diseases (bacterial, fungal, molds, and mildews). Which means morning watering (normally a good time to water) has to be delayed till the dew evaporates getting into the heat of the day when there will be more evaporation loss. Drip can be started in the evening (w/auto shut off) or in the early morning, without the worry of wetting leaves at disease prone times and outside high evaporation loss times. Disease free plants save time and money.

Drip Irrigation Lessens Weed Pressure: Because drip delivers water to a more localized area than overhead watering which saturates the entire bed surface and then some.  Weeds need water to germinate and because drip accomplishes deep root zone watering with limited surface wetting that’s less weeds germinating, less time dealing with weeds.

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