A successful homestead starts with a good plan.  ZHS can help you create a specific plan and design for your homestead.  Our design focuses include sustainability, native and edible plants, wildlife habitat, water management, and aesthetics.  We strive to create self-feeding systems that require less maintenance and inputs than traditional landscapes.  

We can help you out with a comprehensive design or just get you started on your own path with our homesteading consulting help.  We have created detailed booklets covering all design aspects of a property to simple hand drawn black and white sketches.  

Each property is unique and each client has different visions, goals, circumstances, and budgets.  With that in mind, we approach each design client individually and come up with a design proposal centered around you and your landscape.

Here is what you can expect form a comprehensive design:

  1. Site analysis and assessment
  2. Goals and intentions – create specific collaborative directives to work towards based off your input and our expertise
  3. Site overview – summation of site’s qualities and notable features
  4. Site map – base map of entire design space
  5. Design Directive Map – we will use your site map as a springboard to achieve your design map.  Your design map will show all of the changes and directives we propose to your space and recommend for implementation
  6. Phasing timeline – once you have your design it will be helpful to understand what to tackle first.  This timeline will help guide you on your installation journey for your homestead
  7. Plant list - comprehensive list detailing number of plants in the design, description, uses, etc.
  8. Resources – use the same info we do and learn more about permaculture, plants, growing food, and more!

Contact ZHS today for an on site consultation to get you started on your path to improving your homestead.