Chicken Coops

ZHS builds each chicken keeping system to order.  We work with you to determine the best set up to meet your goals and situation.  We help you with sizing, materials selection, location, design features, and style.  All of our chicken keeping systems are designed and built with the following directives in mind:

  • Ability to complete all off your daily/weekly chicken chores without going into the run and stepping on chicken poop
  • Easy access for sanitation
  • Low maintenance
  • Built to last
  • 100% predator proof
  • Space and comfort for chickens

ZHS Chicken Systems

  • Chicken Coops
  • Chicken Tractors (smaller mobile chicken coops)
  • Chicken Runs
  • Chicken Run and Coop Combo (All-in-One) "Our best seller!"
  • Mobile chicken fencing
  • Chick brooders

Here is what you can expect from a custom built ZHS chicken coop:

  • walk in run
  • full sized door to run
  • slide out poop panel in enclosure for regular sanitation maintenance
  • removable roosting bars for cleaning or repairs in the enclosure
  • external nesting boxes for easy egg collection
  • removable walkways in run for easy access
  • raised enclosure
  • double doors (on opposite walls) on the enclosure for easy deep clean outs
  • door under enclosure to access food and watering area
  • long lasting metal roof
  • metal roof for the nesting box too
  • all galvanized exterior grade hardware and fasteners
  • 1/2 inch hardware cloth used for screening, considered the most durable and predator proof screen material by most chicken keepers
  • real wood siding, we usually use a novelty shiplap, 8" wide boards
  • only use treated lumber if the wood touches the ground or is away from the enclosure
  • most of our coops are built on a non-mortared block foundation set in the ground.  Creates a very stable flat surface for the coop, prevents long term rot, and best of all it keeps predators from burrowing in the entire system
  • built to last

Contact us for more information about our coops, to get a quote, or just to talk chickens!

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